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2 Ring Fencing MainGauche

A note about the Fencing Maingauches,

I hand forge the quillions of these daggers from a single bar of steel so there are no welds to break, and the quillion is a very strong unit. If side rings are desired, I typically weld those on. Custom hand shells etcetera can be made by special order. All of my welding is guaranteed for as long as I am still forging steel.The measurements are the overall width of the quillions (quillion span) and the distance from the quillion arm to the forwardmost part ot the tip (forward extension)

My preferred blade to be on the receiving end of in the list is the Alchem Safelex dagger blade, so that is what I typically build stock daggers for, but I can build them to fit any blade on the market.

As I can't always keep up with the webpage, and these are a popular item,if you are interested in any of the daggers you see here, email me referencing the stock number at the end of the description, and I will let you know if that one is in stock.




Current Stock

10 5/8 inch quillion span, 2 3/8 inch forward extension, maple handle, ZWA blade (sloted so that it can also be fitted with a square tang blade like the Alchem Safelex if you prefer) Stock #D21

With the ZWA blade 165.00

With Alchem Saflex 150.00




9 3/8 inch quillion span, 2 1/2 inch forward extension, walnut handle, saflex blade stock # D22



9 1/2 inch quillion span, 2 3/4 inch forward extension, walnut handle, Saflex blade stock#D23




12 inch quillion span, 3 3/4 inch forward extension, birch handle, saflex blade stock#D24


10 1/ inch quillion span, 3 inches forward extension, walnut handle, saflex blade Stock#D25




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